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FRANK CUNHA III the artist behind the artist

March 10, 2012

According to my college degree I am a journalist, well, recently, I stayed on the other side and far from me who to interview, I found myself in rare situation of being answering  questions. For someone like me is a minimum “RARE”

The interesting thing about this is who make me the interview. For me was and is an honor  that person  has been the one to do that, not only because it is a great friend but because it’s like my soul  brother.

I’m talking about the talented artist Frank Cunha III.

If I had to talk about all that Frank Cunha III can do I reach the pages of life to expose it, so I think the best way is to see his wonderful talent, seeing his work, so diverse, eclectic and soulful as is!

I find it hard to be objective because it is a person I am really appreciation,  but I´m very critical with art as I do is promote artists and do not do journalism as it should. That’s why better let the images speak for themselves.

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  1. babfari permalink

    I know!

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